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Jenkins California Department of Forestry While inspecting a timber harvesting plan near the Siskiyou County CA community of Bartle a fluted point base fashioned from obsidian was recently discovered. The point was found within a large lithic scatter discovered by consulting foresters during plan preparation and is situated on a low terrace along the McCloud River. After reviewing a paper by Dillon regarding the geographic distribution of fluted points in California this appears to be the first documented discovery of such an artifact in Siskiyou County. The subject fluted point base is morphologically identical to those referred to in the literature as Clovis. It has a broad concave base, straight parallel margins that exhibit edge-grinding, and pronounced flutes that thinned both its dorsal and ventral surfaces. Metric attributes include a maximum length ML of 2. Both point margins exhibit edge grinding and the basal notch, after fluting, was retouched with fine pressure flaking. A bending break suggests that the point was broken in the haft during use. Obsidian source characterization and hydration dating studies of the artifact were performed by the Northwest Research Obsidian Studies Laboratory Skinner, Thatcher, and Davis

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Timeline of Bakersfield, California Archaeological evidence indicates the presence of Native American settlements dating back thousands of years. Owing to the remoteness and inaccessibility of the region, however, the Yokuts remained largely isolated until after the Mexican War of Independence , when Mexican settlers began to migrate to the area. Following the discovery of gold in California in , settlers flooded into the San Joaquin Valley.

In , gold was discovered along the Kern River in the southern Sierra Nevada , and in , oil was discovered in the valley. The area was subject to periodic flooding from the Kern River, which occupied what is now the downtown area, and experienced outbreaks of malaria. But he was a Kentuckian, a handy man with a gun, and not lacking in initiative and resource when the mood moved him. Wanting to fire him but fearing reprisals, they came up with a scheme to disincorporate, effectively leaving him without an employer.

According to local historian Gilbert Gia [27] the city was also failing to collect the taxes it needed for services. For the next 22 years, a citizen’s council managed the community. Migration from Texas , Louisiana , Oklahoma , and Southern California brought new residents, who were mostly employed by the oil industry.

On July 21, , an earthquake struck at 4: The earthquake’s destructive force also bent cotton fields into U shapes, slid a shoulder of the Tehachapi Mountains across all four lanes of the Ridge Route , collapsed a water tower creating a flash flood, and destroyed the railroad tunnels in the mountain chain. A large aftershock occurred on July 29, and did minor architectural damage, but raised fears that the flow of the Friant-Kern Canal could be dangerously altered, potentially flooding the city and surrounding areas.

Clovis culture

The 30 foot canoe was commissioned by a private arts organization in San Francisco as part of a six month public demonstration of traditional Haida arts in San Francisco. After the project, Yaalth-Tluu returned to Haida Gwaii, where it is now used for ceremonial occasions and special events. He began carving in This photograph allows us to see the superb attention to detail given to every part of the canoe.

It is a masterwork.

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The presence of “portable rock art” or “mobile rock art” has long been recognized in European artifact material, and is starting to be seen for what it is at sites in North America. At this site and others, it is often incorporated into simple lithic tools. From the huge quantity of lithic artifact material, it seems that this site, with its commanding view, ample water supply, and terraced eastern sheltered slope, may have seen more than just part-time habitation.

Initially, the possibility of a “pre-Clovis” presence came to mind since while none of the popularly recog- nized “Indian” spear heads and projectile points had appeared, many of the human-modified stones of local and non-local lithology were professionally recognized as in fact being artifactual, with others having a very high proba- bility of being so.

The Clovis culture is a prehistoric Paleo-Indian culture, named for distinct stone tools found in close association with Pleistocene fauna at Blackwater Locality No. 1 near Clovis.

Sites in Georgia The initial human settlement of Georgia took place during one of the most dramatic periods of climate change in recent earth history, toward the end of the Ice Age, in the Late Pleistocene epoch. Exactly when human beings first arrived is currently unknown, Suwannee Points although people had to have been present 13, years ago: The late glacial southeastern environment these first peoples encountered was markedly different from today’s environment.

Sea levels were more than feet lower than present levels, and the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico shorelines were or more miles seaward of their present locations. During this interval massive extinctions of such animals as elephants, horses , camels, and other megafauna took place, and plant communities shifted location and composition in dramatic fashion.

Southern Georgia had an oak-hickory hardwood canopy that may have been in place throughout much of the previous glacial cycle. By the close of the Paleoindian Period, around or B. Only during the mid-Holocene ca. Chronology Fluted Cumberland Point Early ca. People may have been present before the Early Paleoindian subperiod, but identifiable remains have not been found in the state, and their recognition anywhere in America is still in its infancy.

Archaeologists recognize sites dating to each subperiod primarily by the presence of distinctive projectile points.

Ancient toddler’s remains re-ignite native origins debate

In het begin was zijn grondgebied nog bescheiden. Hij moest zijn macht bovendien delen met andere, deels aan hem verwante hertogen, leiders van naburige Salische stamgroepen. Bekend zijn Chararik en Ragnachar , van wie de laatste in Kamerijk resideerde. Bij de Rijn leefden de Ripuarische Franken , een zelfstandige stam.

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From left to right: Uncalibrated radiocarbon ages and locations; depths below datum; images of core 4A to scale; stratum designations as discussed in text; Bayesian age model of radiocarbon ages from OxCal version 4. Terrestrial diatoms, microscopic evidence of woody roots and earthworm activity, and the occasional mastodon track and discrete dung boluses show that the pond margin dried for short periods of time and was subaerially exposed, allowing animals and humans to enter the sinkhole section S2.

Pre-Clovis artifacts were recovered from Units 4a and 4b. Diatoms and micromorphological studies show that these sediments were deposited in a seasonally fluctuating pond with periodic desiccation along the pond margins. The absence of freshwater diatoms, extensive pollen degradation, anomalous decrease in the concentration of iron-bearing magnetic minerals, and evidence of human occupation within the sinkhole indicate that this was an arid period section S2.

Diatoms indicate fully aquatic conditions with only rare evidence of desiccation section S2. The entire late Quaternary sediment package contains minimal postdepositional disturbance based on magnetic and micromorphological studies and radiocarbon ages sections S2. Unit 3c was deposited during a short period of unchanged sea level.

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Clovis people not 1st to arrive in North America Clovis people not 1st to arrive in North America Spearheads and DNA found at the Paisley Caves in Oregon suggest that a separate group of people using different hunting tools arrived in North America several hundred years prior to the Clovis culture. Jul 12, 8: Archeologists from the University of Oregon, Oregon State University and the University of Copenhagen found spearheads at the caves dating from 12, to 13, years ago, and human DNA going back even further.

The find suggests North America was colonized by multiple cultures, some of whom arrived possibly earlier than the Clovis. The theory has been dominant since a number of spear points thought to be the first evidence of humans’ arrival in North America were discovered in near the village of Clovis. The spearheads are fluted and have a unique notch at the base where a large flake of stone has been removed.

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State Superintendent of Public Instruction Executive Summary A future prosperous, healthy, and safe California rests upon residents making wise environmental choices essential to our quality of life. Together, we must address climate change and energy use, use of natural and renewable resources, and protection and enjoyment of our unparalleled natural areas. In , as Governor Edmund G. Unfortunately, K students in California do not currently have consistent access to adequately funded, high-quality learning experiences, in and out of the classroom, that build environmental literacy.

While some students regularly participate in systematic, ongoing environmental literacy experiences, many more receive only a limited introduction to environmental content and some have no access at all. Now is the time to tackle this challenge. Now is the moment to elevate environmental literacy as an essential element of a 21st century education in California, and to establish the leadership, collaboration, strategic partnerships, and necessary funding to ensure environmental literacy for all California students.

Support for environmental education is high: Environmental content is a key element of the new California Next Generation Science Standards CA NGSS , with environmental topics incorporated into many of the disciplinary core ideas and performance expectations for students at each grade level. The complex thinking and problem solving abilities required of students by the California Common Core State Standards CA CCSS are exactly the types of skills required to meet the environmental challenges our students will face in the future.

By fully implementing these curricular standards and calling attention to the environmental concepts embedded and implied within them, we can build environmental literacy for every California student. Footnote from the section above: The figure below removed from accessible version represents how the vision of the Task Force — achieving environmental literacy for all California students — will be achieved through this approach. Illustration of Present Situation:

Paleoindian Period: Overview

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