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View all announcements On board, the cabins are light and airy, with wooden walls painted cream and antique touches including a small brass luggage rack, picture rails and ornate chrome latticework over the air-conditioning vents. A swirling art nouveau-style pattern adorning the ceiling is bordered with woven wooden latticework patinated gracefully by layers and layers of paint. My twin cabin doesn’t need any of the artworks that decorate the public areas. There are no photos of gnarled old Andean characters or colourful prints inspired by local crafts. Instead the large window showcases a never-ending and unpredictable series of scenes. It might be a river rushing through a deep and dramatic gorge, or you might look up while getting ready for dinner and — having forgotten to pull down the blind — find the train’s stopped at a level crossing and a rush-hour horde of motorists and cyclists are gazing in. There are two dining cars, one for breakfast and lunch, the other for dinner. The daytime dining car has softer furnishings and macrame panels; the night-time car’s club-style leather chairs are arranged around tables in fours. And then there’s a piano bar — complete with a baby grand and decorated in Andean hues of grey, blue and yellow. The last carriage, the observation car, opens onto an observation deck.

Ulysse Nardin

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Phil Murphy D is still committed to marijuana legalization, the Albany DA announces an end to low-level pot prosecutions, an Ohio court throws out a racial justice requirement in the state’s medical marijuana licensing plan, and more. In remarks to the state League of Municipalities Thursday, Gov. Phil Murphy D said he remains in favor of marijuana legalization. Moreover, the overwhelming majority of New Jerseyans agree.

We should listen to them. I am ready to work alongside the Legislature, and each of you, to get this done. Albany County District Attorney David Soares has announced that as of December 1, his office will no longer prosecute anyone accused of possessing up to two ounces of marijuana. But Soares warned that he would still prosecute low-level charges when someone is smoking in public, in a vehicle, or in front of children.

The subcommittee also recommended earmarking marijuana tax revenues to the state education fund. Laura Kelly, the Democrat who won a surprise victory in conservative Kansas, is ready to take the state down the path toward legal medical marijuana. With a supporter in the governor’s mansion, legislators no longer have to worry about coming up with supermajorities to overcome a gubernatorial veto. An Ohio district court has ruled unconstitutional the state’s “racial quota” for selecting medical marijuana business licenses.

One of the applicants who did not get a license sued.

Crime And Punishment: The saga of Richie Parker

Kerry Packer with advisor Malcolm Turnbull in The Age Phillip Adams has also felt the Turnbull presence: The air crackles with a selfassurance and a sense of risk. Of the thousands of people I have interviewed, I have never sat in a studio with anyone quite as charming – and chilling – as Malcolm Turnbull.

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Honor societies, scholarships, the whole nine yards,’ he wrote. His father described him as a ‘completely normal boy’. But his depression, anxiety and eventual suicide has ‘blindsided’ his parents. Now Vera is left wishing that the police did more to save him on that fateful Wednesday morning. Daniel had slipped out of the family’s home at 4am, leaving behind a pile of clothes on his bed to make it look like he had never left. But the family soon realized his plan and called the police as they began tracking his location using the Find My iPhone feature.

Vera said she doesn’t understand why there were six police officers at her home when the family knew where the teen was headed. Port Authority officers spotted Daniel on the bride pictured in file photo just before 7am and tried to stop him from jumping.

N.J. police ID father who jumped off bridge with two sons

China’s old model has come with significant costs, including environment pollution and over-capacity. Andy Wong The NEA said that utilisation rates at coal-fired power plants were falling as a result of slowing growth in power consumption, and it established the warning system to identify regions that need to curb overcapacity.

Overcapacity has eaten into the margins of major coal-fired power producers, especially as regions come under pressure to meet state requirements to raise the share of renewable energy sources.

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The Cost of 100% renewables: The Jacobson et al. 2018 Study

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In honor of Sports Illustrated’s 60th anniversary, is republishing, in full, 60 of the best stories to ever run in the magazine. Today’s selection is “Crime and Punishment,” by Gary Smith.

Share And what the mostly anonymous provocateurs get in return for self-exposure are comments Some of the anonymous provocateurs say that what compels them to take off their clothes for strangers is not only the thrill of doing something taboo, but also the desire to get a boost of confidence from flattering comments. Some users, however, can be mean and hurtful in their feedback, blatantly pointing out the flaws in the amateur models’ physiques laid bare for all to see.

The appeal of the site is that the users posing naked online are not professions but rather ‘normal’ women, some of whom are married The community, which has sprung up on Reddit a few years ago, is overseen by eight moderators, who manage an average of submissions and 4, comments a day, according to Stattit. A user by the moniker Nina has emerged as one of the biggest stars on the site. The year-old medical student is one of only a handful of women who show their face in pictures.

Nina believes she has been successful on GoneWild because she has avoided saturating the forum with her photos, instead always leaving her admirers begging for more. Sometimes, several months elapse between Nina’s postings, but whenever she puts up a new photos of herself topless or nude, spinning a hula hoop or making silly faces, she gets a flurry of upvotes.

In one case, a year-old brunette named Samantha, who has been posing nude on the site as a way to motivate herself to stay in shape, was left hurt when someone asked her if she was transgender. Share or comment on this article: The disturbing amateur porn site where ‘girls next door’ pose nude in exchange for Bitcoins and upvotes.

China to cut new coal-fired power plants in 29 provinces

Released in May by 2dcloud, Someone Please Have Sex With Me is a five-comic collection, filled with vignettes about celebrity worship and sexual desperation from a virtuosic artist. Now the Chicago-based artist has published her first book, too. And, man, I really love this book. At the end of June, I got to talk to Wynbrandt about her new book, teen heartthrobs and why she loves Chicago. The Gina presented in Someone Please Have Sex With Me is a little frightening, some blend of needy, self-depreciating and a little bit predatory.

How much of yourself do you see reflected back at you?

The dark side of Reddit’s GoneWild. and general douchebaggery the rest of Reddit dumps onto GW. or worse,” Bruckert wrote to the Daily Dot. “Reddit is host to a huge amount of slut.

The amateur porn subreddit prides itself as a sex-positive community, but it struggles with sexism and misogyny. This story might not be safe for some workplaces. The amateur porn subreddit prides itself as a mutual admiration society, where people, mostly young women, can post revealing photos for a quick thrill and complimentary comments in the hundreds. The girl deleted her photos, but they were still available for viewing on image-hosting site Imgur until she deleted her entire account.

She was outed in real life, her pictures downloaded and saved without her consent, likely to reemerge at inopportune times and even worse places on the internet. The women of GW, as redditors call it, are an unfair punching bag for the rest of the site, like strippers or sex workers in real-life society.

Communicating science across cultural divides

I am reprinting some classic articles as a fundraising effort to pay my hosting fees for this site. I am not there yet, so please consider a generous donation using the button to the right. After all, some of the Pharisees could even boast having memorized the entire Torah! To answer this question, I think it is important that we take a look at the foundation of all Biblical eschatology, Daniel.

Someone Please Have Sex With Me has a home on the same shelf where I keep my tarot cards and wedding rings: it’s an altar, devoted to things I truly love. And, man, I really love this book. And.

This post therefore summarizes what the Jacobson study says will be needed in the way of new generation, energy storage etc. The updated Jacobson et al. J is more than just another renewable energy study. The complexities involved in achieving such a conversion are of course enormous, and the way j handles them is far beyond my capacity to summarize here. What might be required in the way of new capacity, new generation, new energy storage etc.?

Could these additions be financed and installed by ? In this post I fill in the blanks using numbers taken from J as examples, and as we shall see the effort involved would be truly heroic as well as massively costly. First a few heavily-condensed details on J

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